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There are several way of doing this.

1. By writing us and letting us know about multiples that we don't have listed. Give us a history if available.

2. Please provide us with a print, photo, or scan - in color, if possible, by E-mail.

Send us a picture of stamp through email.

a. If sending a scan or digital image, please make certain the stamp image is a .jpg or .gif image (we prefer .jpg). Scan the image at 72dpi (dots per inch) or as close to 72dpi that you can. If you are using a digital camera, please take the picture at 72dpi.

b. If you already have a digital image of the stamp(s) that you want to send us and don’t know the dpi rate or what format it is, just send it to us and we will fix it.

c. Our E-mail address is: , or you can mail a photo to:

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